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August 10

Sing a Song

Four White Horses

Four white horses, on the river,
Hey, hey, hey, up tomorrow,
Up tomorrow is a rainy day.
Come on up to the shallow bay,
Shallow bay is a ripe banana,
Up tomorrow is a rainy day.

For older children, this can become a hand clapping rhyme. If you have four people, try the instructions below. Otherwise, make up your own clapping game!

Four kids play: Two across from each other.
One pair goes high the other low then they alternate.
Clap partner, clap hands, clap partner, clap hands.
Then alternate. Do this for the first 4 lines.
Then for the last 2 lines - they can go to the side partner - clap side partner, clap hands (5th line).
Then the other side partner - clap side partner clap hands (6th line).


book cover How I Became a Pirate - Melinda Long

This book is available online through TumbleBooks. Access is provided by the Library of Virginia and Find It Virginia.

Try This

Do you have a broom or stick? Let your child pretend it is a horse and ride around the driveway or yard. Talk about horses and what your child knows or likes about them.

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