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February 4

Sing a Song

A Sailor Went to Sea

Today’s color is blue like the sea! Sing A Sailor Went to Sea and use hand motions.

A Sailor went to sea sea sea
To see what he could see see see
But all that he could see see see
Was the bottom of the deep blue sea sea sea

Talk about all the things that you can think of that are blue!


book cover Frank and Izzy Set Sail - Laura McGee Kvasnosky

This book is available online through TumbleBooks. Access is provided by the Library of Virginia and Find It Virginia.

Try This

Mother Goose Time!

I Saw a Ship A-Sailing

I saw a ship a-sailing,
A-sailing on the sea,
And, oh! it was all laden,
With pretty things for thee.

There were comfits in the cabin,
And apples in the hold;
The sails were made of silk,
And the masts were made of gold.

The four-and-twenty sailors,
That stood between the decks,
Were four-and-twenty white mice
With chains around their necks.

The captain was a duck,
With a packet on his back;
And when the ship began to move,
The captain said, "Quack! Quack!"

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