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January 29

Sing A Song

Dance Like Snowflakes

Tune: Frere Jacques/Are You Sleeping? (See Dance Like Snowflakes)

Dance like snowflakes.
Dance like snowflakes.
In the air.
In the air.
Whirling ,twirling snowflakes.
Whirling, twirling snowflakes.
Here and there.
Here and there.

Try This

You will need 2 silver pipecleaners and 3 blue pipecleaners. Cut the two silver pipe cleaners in half. Put one piece aside so you have 3. Twist these three pieces together in the centre so that you have a shape with six points (look at the photo above for help with this). Cut the blue pipe cleaners in half and then in half again. You will have 12 pieces. Twist these on to the silver base to decorate your snowflake. If you want to hang your snowflake, take the piece of silver pipe cleaner you put aside, fold in half and twist the ends to one of the snowflake points to make a loop.


Snowflakes Fall Snowflakes Fall by

This book is available online through TumbleBooks. Access is provided by the Library of Virginia and Find It Virginia.

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