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January 30

Sing A Song

I'm A Little Snoman

Tune: I'm A Little Tea Pot

Key Gesture: Put your hands on your hips with your elbows out wide, making one circle.
Bend your knees outward, making another circle with your legs.


Try This

Create a snowman out of three large circles of paper or cardboard and tape it to a wall before class. Put about 10-15 buttons of various sizes and colors in a small bag. Have the students sit in a circle. Pass the bag around the circle and have the students try to guess what is inside. Take the buttons out of the bag and talk about all of the different sizes and colors. ("Look, this is a big, yellow button! Here's a small, black button.") Tell the students you are going to make the eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons for the snowman using these buttons. Choose one student and say, "Can you put on one eye?" The student chooses a button and, with some adhesive putty on the back, sticks the button on the snowman to make an eye. Continue with the other eye, mouth, and buttons. For the last piece, the nose, let each student try to put the nose on the snowman while wearing a blindfold!


book cover Snowmen At Night by Caralyn Buehner and Mark Buehner

This book is available online through TumbleBooks. Access is provided by the Library of Virginia and Find It Virginia.

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  • Draw A Snowman With Your Eyes Closed - You Will Need: A paper and pencil for each player and a blindfold for younger players (older players may be trusted to keep their eyes shut!). How to Play: Give everyone a piece of paper and pencil and blindfold if necessary. Tell them to close their eyes and draw what you tell them to. Don't tell them what they will be drawing. Draw three circles on top of each other, starting with a small circle at the top and getting bigger each time. Draw three buttons down the middle of the middle circle. Draw two eyes, a carrot nose and a mouth on the top circle. Add a hat. Add to stick arms and hands to either side of the middle circle. Draw a broom in one of the stick hands." When everyone has finished their drawing, they can open their eyes and compare! Award a prize to the best drawing and a booby prize to the funniest.