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September 14

Sing a Song

My Hat, It Has Three Corners

My hat, it has three corners,
Three corners has my hat,
And had it not three corners,
It would not be my hat.
There are some actions that go with this song.


book cover The Hockey Card - Avi Slodovnick and Jack Siemiatycki

This book is available online through TumbleBooks. Access is provided by the Library of Virginia.

Try This

H is for Hat

Have your child use different household objects as hats and see how long they can stay on his or her head. Draw self-portraits with your child where you are each wearing a silly hat.

Explore More

  • Draw a Silly Hat - Use this online drawing pad to draw a hat or other object that starts with H. (how about a hippo?)
  • Samurai Hat - Here is another newspaper hat to decorate and wear!