March 5

Sing a Song

My Kite

The winds of March begin to blow,
And it is time for kites, you know.
Here’s the way I make my kite;
Watch and help me do it right.
I cross two sticks, so thin and long,
Tied together good and strong;
And across the middle to make it bend;
I measure and cut the paper gay,
And paste along the edge this way;
A ball of string to hold my kite,
When it sails almost out of sight;
And here’s my kite all ready to go!
Please, March Wind, begin to blow!

Read a book

book cover
White Rabbit’s Color Book by Alan Baker

Here is a book recommendation for today. Check out the picture book collection at your local library, where there are lots of books to choose from! Find nearby libraries.

Try This

Kite Day!

Make a mini kite with paper, popsicle sticks, and string. Use different colors and tape it to a window. Talk with your child about what you think it feels like to hold a kite and what the wind feels like.

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