November 4

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Oh, when you clap, clap, clap your hands
The monkey clap, clap, claps his hands.

Monkey see, monkey do.
(Hands open, wave back and forth)
Monkey does the same as you.
(Point to self, point away from self)

Oh, when you stamp, stamp, stamp your feet
The monkey stamp, stamp, stamps his feet.

Here are some other verses to try:
Oh, when you jump, jump, jump up high…
And when you make a funny face…
And when you turn yourself about…

Try This

Cut out the pictures from yesterday and make them into puppets by taping them to popsicle sticks or straws. Put on a puppet show about your family.

Read a book

book cover
When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree by Jamie L.B. Deenihan

Here is a book recommendation for today. Check out the picture book collection at your local library, where there are lots of books to choose from! Find nearby libraries.

Explore More

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